Your 3 Sacred Words

Kabbalah-Relating is a program that uses ancient wisdom for modern relating. Along with its associated programs, Kabbalah-Dating and Kabbalah-Dieting, you incorporate 3 Sacred Words that are embedded in The Tree of Life, Kabbalah’s main symbol, into your day. The process helps guide you away from bad choices or habits.

Why are words important? Even Genesis tells us, “In the Beginning was the Word.” Many of our ancestors heard words that proved to be holy. Therefore, the ones you choose guide you towards becoming a practical Kabbalist and attaining more success in relating, dating and dieting.

You can find out about the Words embedded in the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah-Relating app available for $.99 on the Android and ios platforms.



You may also subscribe to our group and attend weekly phone conversations in which we discuss your progress. Membership in the Kabbalah-Relating support group is $5/year. We look forward to your feedback on this unique program!