Kabbalah study has been secretive and shrouded in mystery since its beginning. It was originally meant to be studied by men over the age of 40. Nowadays, of course, it is much more accessible to all.

There are pluses and minuses regardging Kabbalah study. Its pluses are that it offers liberation from dark energy or forces and can help ward off the “evil eye.” As our programs show, it can help you to become balanced and healthy.

On the other hand, spiritual study deals with negative or dark forces. Centuries ago, they might have been less understood than today. With the advent of modern psychology and neuroscience, we can identify and clarify these forces. However, that does not mean that our subconscious is impotent. Each of us contains potential for both good and bad. Opening up some of the negative forces might naturally expose one to unhappy or overwhelming feelings. A spiritual seeker should recognize that this may occur, for being introspective is often a powerful process.

If you plan on truly participating in our program, we offer support and education. Should you find that some of the things revealed within yourself are too difficult to process on your own, seek counseling and therapeutic guidance.