Kabbalah and Politics – Forgiveness/Hardheartedness

Two opposing Qualities in the Energy Center on the Tree of Life, Judgment, whose color is red, are Forgiveness and Hardheartedness. These are opposite Attributes on one of 49 Dynamic Attribute scales in the Tree. Find out about the Attributes here.

The Energy Center of Judgment is the place where contemplations are made and boundaries are drawn. Progressives might be contemplating the behavior of the DNC and who they will support. Citizens might be contemplating how to react to the drastic and violent changes going on.

Everyone has reasons for making particular evaluations, and no one agrees on absolutely everything. Our backgrounds, experiences, and values shape our spiritual outlook. Drawing a boundary — making a judgment — is not always easy. Sometimes, we have to let things brew and dialogue with ourselves about why we might feel one way or the other about an issue.

Forgiveness is an enormously challenging Attribute. You may have been scarred, you may have been unlucky, you may have been dealt a bad hand. Yes, other people cross the line and harm us, sometimes severely. You may have become Hardhearted.

The Kabbalistic way of healing Negative Attributes involves moving energy from the right pillar over the left. On the opposite pillar of Judgment is the Energy Center, Lovingkindness. Our ability to Forgive improves with the energy of Lovingkindess. Of course, Lovingkindness works in all areas of life. But, Kabbalah shows us that to specifically heal Hardheartedness, substituting Lovingkindness is good medicine.

Moving Lovingkindness to Judgment enables us to more readily Forgive.

Unfortunately, the fact that our United States is in its gravest peril since the Civil War, there are actions occurring now that I cannot yet forgive. But, there may be people I am trying to work with who deserve my Forgiveness, even though it seems so difficult to do so. Indeed, I don’t have much of a choice with my allies, even though I perceived some had harmed me. Perhaps the world was becoming too Hardhearted, and so was I. To the people who deserve my Forgiveness, with Lovingkindness, I will try to adjust my boundary away from Hardheartedness.