Kabbalah and Politics – Blog 1

World politics have become extremely complex. Groups form to protest and support changes in government and world opinion. Twitter guides international thinking about alliances, politics, enemies, and action.

There is a perspective missing from the rationale of politics, that I have noticed for a very long time. We exist on a day-to-day level, a political level, an international citizenship level, a religious level, but we don’t know where the world is at *spiritually.* Of course world religions take stands on politics, or decide not to do so, but religion is not the same as spirituality. Spirituality exists on a different plane. One of the purposes of being religious is  to tap into that plane. But, what does it look like? Kabbalah offers a unique perspective.

I, Elly Malka Faden, am not a spiritual guru. But, I have developed perspectives from my studies that see the the world through the eyes of Kabbalah – the Tree of Life. Knowing and understanding which *Energy Center* we are in on a regular basis is a practice of Kabbalah. It’s pretty straightforward, and creatively applying this to world politics may offer some insight and assistance as to how to balance spiritual forces in our world. Please continue to read these blogs and comment for discussions. Perhaps getting a grasp on spirituality can change the world?