Congratulations on selecting your 3 Sacred Words! The Tree of Life, Kabbalah’s main symbol, holds many attributes to guide you on your spiritual path.

Understanding 3 of them, with their corresponding positive traits, and some positive determination on your part, helps you solve personal problems without the use of medications or costly analysis. Are words powerful? I lost 10 pounds by substituting the word, “Vigor” instead of reaching for those second helpings. And, “Patience” enabled me to navigate relationships more successfully than before.

Did you notice that the opposite of “Depression” on the Tree of Life is, “Responsibility?” This idea might serve as a pick me up when you need some self-encouragement. Throughout the day, your 3 Sacred Words enables you to improve bad habits within the framework of Kabbalah’s ancient wisdom.

Our Moving Energy Technique helps you put your 3 Sacred Words into practice. Join one of our coaching practices to find out how.

How to Use the Kabbalah-Relating App:

If you have not chosen your words, download the app ($.99) at:

1. When the app opens, look at the image of the Tree of Life to get an idea of how traits are attributed to its spheres. See if there are one or two spheres where you can strengthen your traits. You may choose three different spheres, or all of your goals may appear in one sphere. It is up to you.

2. Scroll through the 49 positive and 49 negative traits.

3. Discern which traits resonate within your inner voice.

4. Spend as much time as needed choosing the 3 traits you would like to improve.

5. Select your 3 Sacred Words.

Coaching Services:

Join our member’s area to share your progress in Kabbalah-Dating and Kabbalah-Dieting with 3 Sacred Words. A subscription is $5/year (via paypal).

Malka, the creator of these Kabbalah-Programs is a graduate of the Academy of Coaching Cognition, and a credentialed teacher. Private coaching sessions with Malka are $10-$50 per hour, pay what you will.