Do you wonder how to relate better to others…and yourself? Kabbalah’s Tree of Life contains Sacred Words to help you evaluate and improve relating skills.

Our practical, hands-on program helps you experience more joy in relationships. Choose 3 Sacred Words in the Kabbalah-Relating app (.99) to get started, or review this website for more details.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.e.kabbalah_relating&hl=en

ios: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/kabbalah-relating/id1202109784?mt=8

This website: Choose 3 Sacred Words.

You can also receive support and coaching in dating and dieting. Contact Malka for more information.


Overall Virtues in Kabbalah's Tree of Life
There are dozens of more qualities to learn about

New: Year-long Kabbalah-Relating Support Group

Kabbalah-Relating is offering one year of coaching support for clients one day per week for an hour. Other support opportunities are available.

First, use our program to choose several character traits that you would like to improve, including those involved in dieting. You use this internal motivation when needed during the day. Then, you can share experiences and receive support from Malka and other participants. You can join for as many sessions as you’d like and craft the program to work for you. Sometimes, you can call in for weeks at a time, other times, you can take a break and work on the program on your own.

The cost is $5/year. Sign up using the Subscibe button on the left-hand widget!

The ongoing phone call is Thursday night, 8pm PST (5 pm EST).